Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers for "Sausage Party"

Columbia Pictures' new raunchy, R-18-rated animated comedy “Sausage Party” opens in the Philippines on Sept. 28 and imagines what it would be like if the food in our grocery aisles was alive.

The movie is hilarious, twisted and outrageous, but that wasn’t enough for Seth Rogen. In addition to bringing talking foods to the big screen, he also wanted to bring them to a real life grocery store with a hilarious and creepy Sausage Party prank.

Haley Bennett Breaks from the Pack with "Magnificent Seven," "Girl on the Train"‏

A natural talent, with a striking presence, Haley Bennett is quickly establishing herself as one of Hollywood's most dynamic actresses. She is poised to become the breakthrough talent of 2016 as she stars in two highly anticipated films this season – Columbia Pictures' “The Magnificent Seven” (in cinemas Sept. 21) and “The Girl on the Train” (opens Oct. 05) from Universal Pictures.

In “The Magnificent Seven,” she plays Emma Cullen, wife of a murdered farmer, and who takes charge in finding the righteuos mercenary Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) and convincing him to defend her town from a greedy industrialist. Bennett had worked before with director Antoine Fuqua and Washington on the hit film, “The Equalizer.”

“Emma suffers a great loss and takes matters into her own hands to ensure that she stops this man, Bartholomew Bogue, from victimizing her town,” says Bennett. “Emma defies all of the stereotypes – she’s not objectified or submissive or victimized. The film is set at a time when women didn’t have equal rights, so it’s inspiring for me to portray her as complex, a person with a voice who can evoke change. That’s another way that this telling of the story is different.”

"Inferno" to be Released in IMAX Cinemas in the Philippines Oct 12‏

Sony Pictures Entertainment, IMAX Corporation and Imagine Entertainment has announced that “Inferno,” the latest film in the Dan Brown (“The Da Vinci Code”) franchise, will be digitally re-mastered into the immersive IMAX® format

The film, starring Tom Hanks as Dr. Robert Langdon and directed by Ron Howard, will be released into IMAX® theatres worldwide (including the Philippines), coinciding with the film's general release date on October 12th.

(Watch the “Inferno” Vignette “Langdon's Super Power” at https://youtu.be/gX2mXN7qKK4.)

Monday, September 26, 2016


Carlo Collodi’s popuplar story about a puppet named PINOCCHIO will come to life on stage by premiere kid actors of the country under Kids Acts Philippines. The first in the country doing musicals for kids and by the kids, is the company’s 14th Musical Theatre Season offering for school, parents, children and the entire family.

Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents “PINOCCHIO” with script, lyrics and direction by LUIGI NACARIO, and music by EUGENE BELBIS. The group won an award from ALIW Awards through Hansel and Gretel as Best Production for Children wherein all featured actors of the musical were kids. Belbis and Nacario’s collaboration of creating children’s musicals can be considered works of the masters, that may lead them to be christened as Fathers of Philippine Children’s Theatre.

Pinocchio is a of a puppet boy who dreamed to become a real boy. The story begun, one fine day, that a piece of wood found itself in the shop of an old carpenter named Master Cherry to make the leg of a table. As he was about to give the first blow of his hatchet, he heard a wee, little voice coming from the wood. His face had changed and fright had turned him to death. To appease his terror, he gave the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto who took it to make himself a marionette, a puppet that will dance, fence and turn somersaults. He called it Pinocchio, the first pranks of the marionette, the name that will make his fortune. The adventure of Pinocchio started right after he was fashioned by his father Geppetto. He went out of his way to explore the world of wonders and never returned

Oscar-Winning Composer Alan Menken Writes Music of "Sausage Party"

One way that Columbia Pictures' acclaimed comedy “Sausage Party” pays homage to the animated movies that came before it was in the hiring of legendary composer Alan Menken to co-score (with Christopher Lennertz) the film and write the music for a song.

Rated R-18 With No Cuts by the MTRCB, “Sausage Party” is about one sausage leading a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store

An eight-time Oscar® winner and 19-time nominee, Menken has brought memorable music to such family classics as “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Hercules,” “Enchanted,” and “Tangled.”